Landcare's fertilization and nutrient program differs from most others in that we use a lot of minor elelments that enhance the health and vigor of your landscape.  We are as focused on building strong roots, and pest- and drought-resistant turf and shrubs, as we are in achieving green plants.


We collaborate with fertilizer manufacturers to utilize optimal blends for maximum sustainability. For example we use less  nitrogen and more potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron than the standard off-the-shelf fertilizers.



Our Integrated Pest Management program is administered by a state-licensed and certified Pest Control Operator.  With the expertise of our Horticulturists, a program will be designed which, instead of seeking to eradicate all pests, instead prevents the population of those insect types which are destructive, while allowing those considered to be beneficial to survive on non-infested turf, shrubs and trees.  


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