What our customers say about us

"Your guys are doing a bang up job on the property!"

- Jamie



"Please pass along to everyone involved how great the property looked for our big executives meeting... Everyone raved about our campus.  We really appreciate your staff's attention to detail.  Everything from the grass to the bushes to the trees looked fantastic!  Keep up the great work!"

- Andy



"Your irrigation techniciann was very nice and professional and fixed everything well.  He even washed the window that was dirty from the sprinklers hitting it.  Landcare is doing a good job and the place looks great."

- Steve



"I would like to say thank you  to all the people who worked on our yards this past Monday. They did a wonderful job of cleaning and trimming. Our yard looks beautiful.

Thank you so very much."

- Vicki B. 



"Thank you for sending your technician to check our sprinkler so quickly. He was a very polite young man. He assured me he would take care of the problem. Once again thank you very much."

- JoAnn D.

Board Member


"Big shots came in to inspect our site and said that it is the best looking building they own!  They also saw the landscape crews hard at work and complimented the great detail work they were doing.  I am very pleased - thank you!"

- Melodie J.

Property Manager


"It's beautiful!!  Your staff did a great job with cleaning up the landscaping around our building.  Thank you!"

- Eleanor R.

Property Manager


"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the crew is.  Anytime I have any issues/request, they take care of it asap!!"

- Laurie R. 

 Facilities Support Coordinator


"I had a friend of mine visit the other day and he mentioned how nice our neighborhood looks. I told him that a lot of the credit is due to our Landcare group that has done an excellent job here each week.


Also, the fellows who were here yesterday raking and cleaning up the debris that had fallen out of the trees, etc., during Thursday's storm did a fantastic job...So, pass along my kudos to them, please. They deserve a "pat on the back" once in a while for the good work they're doing."

- Tony B.

Association President

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